Letters to a Freshman III

Letters to a Freshman III Hello Freshman,
I know my last letter got to you clearly. I saw your comments and feedback and I would work on them. Today however, let me take you through these words:

“Those who refuse to learn from history, are bound to repeat it”.

I will continue in this story. It's a real one, do not be scared. It happened not to me, but a friend (on permission). The names therein are undisclosed though.

Kwame remained silent. He watched Ebeme move her lips over his and caressed his body with hers. Several thoughts crossed his mind. "Was this right? Should he withdraw from her at this moment?" The Anglomoz location fully supported the continuity of their actions. It was dark, the solar lights having gone out. The electric power had gone out too. Moreso, they were at a place hidden from prying eyes. This was the exact time I paddles my legs down from Academics. I had gone to read and in my tired state, I desired a bed to slump in and sleep.

As I took the last bend that led towards Angola Hall, I saw them- my girlfriend and best friend, having sex, right in the gutter; her moans begging to go louder...

This is the kind of things we used to see back in part one. Now, you should recall the quote I started with earlier.

You know, so many persons have gotten another "degree", wonderful pregnancies. Others who were very lucky not to get the degree in time have chosen to continue the trend, "attend anglomoz dating classes" and later graduate with STDs.

If you would ask why Ebeme went after Kwame or the otherwise, I would say I know not. Probably the looks, the money, the popularity (in his department)...

Let me be frank with you. One of the 10 commandments of this ogba that I have learnt is this: "The fear of Anglomoz is the beginning of wisdom"

Anglomoz however has good sides. It's the equivalent of "Eagle's square" at Abuja if you do not know- the centre of almost all activities in OAU.

Have you not seen MEN from town who park vehicles waiting for Bae? Or the high undergraduates who are seeking "joy" (as they call it)?

Those children of Part II that visit there ehn... (Let me not talk this yet.)

You will sha enjoy Anglomoz. Please visit there daily, remembering NEVER to spend beyond 30 minutes.

Nelson Vincent

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