Why reject them?

My grandmother is well over seventy years. Growing up, I had always felt that she should

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  just sit down and watch us do everything for her. I felt she was always worrying herself and stressing out over many things especially her shop. Most times she visited, my mum only adviced that she eat, sleep, pray, watch TV and read her Bible and at intervals, take a walk- that's the way it should be I agreed.

I have however had reasons to think otherwise. Old people should not be looked at in the light of what they had been but for what they can be. The truth is, they only have some few years left but are very useful.
I then thought talking them to coping with retirement, finding new ways to be useful, adjusting to a reduced income, learning to live alone, relating with grandchildren, understanding the aging process, maintaining high moral, keep up personal and physical appearance and preparing for death rather that shutting off our wisest minds and belittle their contribution.
I gradually concluded that our culture shames us by catering for people who are less knowledgeable in certain things while we neglect the experience in age. The rate of learning may decline but the capacity is constant in the old. Encourage the older generation to exercise their minds and keep dreaming. Like an atrophied muscle, the ability to learn and grow tends to weaken only because it's not being used.
You don't want to be "filed away" when you are old neither do you want your children and grandchildren boss over you because they feel you are a burden. Ergo, we find a nees to exercise the mind now. The future still remains bright for the old.
(c) Nelson Vincent.

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