Integrity: The Story of the Great Wall

Integrity: The Story of the Great Wall To protect themselves from the barbaric hordes from the north, the people of China built the Great Wall. It was so high that

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nobody could climb over it and so thick that nobody could break through it. It was another Jericho, a strong one that led to the juices of China.
Having built the wall, they settled back to enjoy life. This however, was their greatest mistake. During the first hundred years of the wall's existence, China was invaded three different time. Not once did the enemy try to break down the wall or climb over it; they simply bribed the gatekeeper and marched in.
Can you relate? While those who built it were relying on their walls of stone, they neglected the teaching of INTEGRITY to their children. The big tree has fallen, yet the others around it stand tall; the storm that builds strength in one, topples the other. This is the issue- Integrity should abide in the roots.
Te principles of morality- what is right and just accepts integrity as a core value and if teached, it appreciates. The three silent questions I believe that man should however ask himself as touching integrity is:
1. Am I the same no matter who I am with?
2. Am I willing to make decisions that are best for others, even though another choice would benefit me more?
3. Can I be counted on to keep the commitments I have made to God, myself and others?
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Remember the Psalmist says "Judge me oh Lord; for I have walked in mine integrity..." (Psalm 26:1) If you can boldly say so, congratulations for your integrity bar. If otherwise, you know...
Life is like a vice; at times, it will squeeze you. In those moments whatever is inside will come out. Image-building and self-interest promises much but produces little, but integrity never disappoints. Work on your integrity...
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