Getting hooked; the troubles of a Teenager

Getting hooked, the troubles of a Teenager In the latter years of my teenage life, I have discovered that at certain points, I missed it. I had troubled virtually everyone. Teenagers are neither adult nor child and so
can test your sanity levels. At times, they could become adult or child without notice. Flooding hormones and exploding neurons spark biochemical reactions in their heads and bodies. They follow sullen shrugs and incomprehensible answers to the unquestionable. At times, you fell like locking them up. Well, let me tell you I have been there and I can help you find solutions to these growing ones. You know, your generation as parents differ from ours uhn?

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  1. Back off and slow down: Be clear minded and self-controlled as a parent. One of the biggest mistakes parents make is overreacting, which triggers an escalating battle of wills where they are most likely losing. Decibel rises, wisdom fails and the teenager concludes you are the crazy one. Most times, the teenager is made to feel insecure and angry with himself without a rational role model. Remain self controlled and clear minded to prevail.

2. Anger begets Anger: The truth is no one can infuriate you better than a teenager trying to grow up. A look, a word, an attitude and you are hooked; most times, parents come into a shouting match with us bringing emotionally charged exchanged and long-term anger reactions.
Teenagers expect parents to understand they are in the growing process and accept everything they do. Failure to have this becomes something else. As such, the parent requires wisdom in dealing with such teenager...

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  Well, teenagers never sent me to write this to you. I just thought I should. Remember, I was there and I understand.
(c) Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde.


  1. Lol... I was there too and I wish my parents saw this! :d

  2. Lol... Those parents ehn!

    Thanks for coming around Miss Rosy.


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