The Motivation, The Motivator and The Motivated

Over time, I have discovered that there exist, sacred mysteries that every man should

  understand. The gross part of which man has failed to get understanding of. One of these sacred mysteries deals with the subject "MOTIVATION".
Actually, let me say it's a problem.
MOTIVATION is a wide subject of it's own that only few understand. The sacred mysteries as regards this subject shall be treated very simply in three branches of the subject. These branches are:
*The Motivator
*The Motivation
*The Motivated
1. The Motivator is otherwise known as a Motivational speaker. They motivate people with stories of Dangote, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln... Rather than themselves. In the last few years, I have successfully attended seminars and heard "motivational speakers" speak. On social media too, I have a number of them who make posts and on sighting their speeches and posts, you say "Wow, a nice piece there."
One man's meat is another's poison as they say. I'm usually unsatisfied when I see their speeches and posts.(I see your thoughts) It's not because I bear grudges toward them nor because I feel inferior to their command of followers or use of English- I never do really but because, they have misused the term "motivation" and it's concepts. Not wanting to waste much time, as regards 'the motivator', I am of the opinion that you can not motivate others except you are a motivation. You must have experienced enough to motivate. Your story should be the head-motivation and thereafter, you could perhaps, include the story of any other "made-man".
2. As regards "the motivation", let it be noted that anything that is not genuine cannot motivate. I could read thousands of motivational books but if the experience of the motivational book writer is not his- or rather a joined piece by piece of another writers' intellectual property, then the motivation limit is not reached.
3. The Motivated: Two things are involved here- It is either a man finds motivation or motivation finds him. Whichever way, motivation is an inclusion. The motivated is not just he who has listened to the motivator, but he who has successfully gotten something reasonable from the motivation story.
Well these three things could look so weird. But the truth is, motivation entails much more than we think- these three are not just another, they are the basics of motivation.
© Nelson Vincent

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