Is age a barrier to Peer Pressure?

Today, I remember classes in my teenage church where my teacher taught on peer pressure. Vividly, she illustrated the topic with a young boy trying to pull through a crowd to get into a building. The crowd was moving out while the boy was trying to get in.
I carried this mentality that peer pressure was limited to a certain group until I got wisdom through some funny story. It was only then I discovered that ther was no restriction as to persons affected be peer pressure- there could only be issues that warrant them and the dominance of peers in such issues.
My friend, Yume had put in for medicine in Barna university, the course and institution, both being his choice. When Yume informed his dad, it was the unlucky that his dad's friend was present in the living room. There and then, the dad sought advice from his friend who misled Yume's father's thoughts. He chose to convince Yume's father to allow Yume attend the same university as his older daughter and pick a separate course instead.
Yume's dad never thought twice. He fixed his hand in his wallet and gave Yume some money to make a change of course and institution as soon as possible.
How? Why do people have no decision of their own? I conclude with my opinion that the peak of stupidity in succumbing to peer pressure lies when age cannot cause reasoning. How foolish I thought. I could imagine the look Yume's face bore. He surely would have looked at his father with disdain and his dad's friend with hatred.
Relatively, wisdom should increase with age (experience). It would be brutal to have decisions stupidly influenced by what other people think, feel or do. The worst is if it comes to an influence based on compulsion.
Little wonder the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God's sight.


  1. Age can not be a barrier!

  2. Mr. Philip, thanks for coming around. Hope to see more of you on the blog.


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