Copyright Issues and Bloggers

The sheer power of vision, creativity and strength that the human mind
harbours and is capable of harnessing is truly remarkable. If properly
channeled and developed, it does not only have the potential of
shaping us but shaping people around.

Real Bloggers are whom I call intellectual warriors, noble and strong,
with a resolve to be firm and total in commitment.

However, responsibilities are given to persons on whom trust rests.
Responsibility is always a sign of trust- to the blogger and the
plagiarist. The responsibility of a blogger lies in post originality
and that of the plagiarist in self esteem. As such, the borders of
some person sitting up at a device with plans to sieve another's
original content for personal and selfish use is out of it. This
majorly causes a silent cry from the blogger as it kills the blogging
spirit. These plagiarists are majorly social media accounts and
"struggling or petty blog owners" who are most possibly short of ideas
to blog. This post thus seeks to address the blogger with information
as to dealing with plagiarists.

Please follow the measures below as regards Facebook and Google for now.

Dealing With Plagiarism Of Intellectual Property By Rogue Sites.

1. Don't abuse, bully, deliberately insult/provoke, fight, or wish harm to anyone via your posts.
2. Don't say or do anything that's detrimental to the security, success, or IMAGE of others.
3. Don't post false information online.

A.                     Facebook
If your work is being plagiarised on Facebook, please follow these steps to report the offensive posts.

1) First things first, make sure you put a copyright notice at the beginning (starting point) of your work. If you have a story online and you haven't put a copyright notice, it is advisable you do so immediately.

2) At the bottom of the Facebook post plagiarising your work, you will see a 'report' button. Click on it

3) It will take you to a page with different options. Click on 'I don't think it should be on facebook'.

4) After clicking, you will be directed to another page with another set of options where you will be asked to describe the offensive post. Click on 'something else'.

5) The next page has more options. Click on 'I think it's an unauthorised use of my intellectual property'

6) The page you will be directed will give you the option of either sending an email to the plagiarist, or learning more about copyright infringement. You can choose whichever one suits you. However, if you don't have the time for niceties and diplomacy, click on 'Learn more about copyright infringement'.

7) The page that you will be directed to will give you a brief about trademark and copyright violations. Read through it and select your choice. Since we are bloggers with true intellectual content here, our complaint most times fall on under 'Copyright violations', so click on the 'Copyright Report' form.

coolYou will be asked to fill a form asking you for details of your work, the offensive posts and other things. Please read through carefully and fill the form correctly.

9) Please note that Facebook will only act on the links which you have provided, NOTHING MORE. For example, if the plagiarist has posted five updates of your work, and you send Facebook  a link to three of those five updates, they will act on those three alone and leave the remaining two.

It is advised you post every Facebook link that you can find that has your work. Under that section you will see 'I want to report more URLs (that is if the textboxes provided are not enough). Click on it and more textboxes will appear where you can post the rest of the links to the offensive posts.

10) When you're done, click on 'Submit'. And you will be sent a success message in the mail you provided.

It is very easy and straight forward. Facebook will send you a message once your complaint has been dealt with, which should be less than a day. My own complaint was dealt with in about five hours, so there should be no fears about excessive delays in dealing with complaint.

2. Google
If your story is being plagiarised by any blog, please reach out to the Google legal team and file a complaint with them. You can Google search their various help centers and reach out through that medium, or go through0:

Follow their instructions when filling out the form and leave the rest to Google.

Please note that you have to be very careful and precise when filling the form as they will not attend to improperly filed complaints, and that includes the correct URLs (links) of both your story being plagiarised and the plagiarist's, straight to the point descriptions etc.

I have followed this channel.  I believe it is a step in the right direction. Meanwhile let bloggers and writers not forget to include copyright notices at the beginning (starting point) of their stories.

3. Digital Millenium Copyright Agency
You could also visit to get details from the Digital Millennium Copyright Agency, get codes to protect your content and install these codes on your blog. Any trespass on content could then be reported for legal action

We are still exploring various means at safeguarding the creative work of bloggers and writers, and will definitely keep you updated with changing developments.

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