Cloning and Culturing: God and Biology

Professor Wumbu bowed his head in disgust. He could not believe his efforts over the cultured experiment was poured out by the new laboratory attendant. The previous week, Professor Wumbu had employed Sesa, his attendant out of pity. Sesa had no means of livelihood nor shelter. All she had was a piece of clothing, ragly tied round her. He had cleaned her up and now she did this.

Professor Wumbu is an expert in the maintenance and growth of cells of multicellular organisms outside the body in specifically designed containers and under precise conditions of temperature, humidity, nutrition and freedom from contamination.
He walked the way to his office to keep his cool. However, he could not but think about it- the cultured species could have won him a multi-million dollar award from the Federal Government and in turn, save lives of many...

Today, as I remember the efforts of Professor Wumbu over his experiment with beliefs to change the medical world, I understand the efforts of God over man.
That's it. The efforts of God over man is usually thrown away as the cultured solution. This story actually puts forth live learning lessons.
1. God cultures man. In the process of culturing, he cuts out new species of himself- little wonder Psalm 82:6 says "Ye are gods for ye are children of The Most High"
2. Culturing requires certain conditions for the survival of the new species. So it is with God. He places brilliantly designed tests, not for our failures, but that we might learn of the mysteries of life from a deep God. These conditions come with a mentor in spirituality.
3. The cultured species is only dependent for a while, afterwards, it could stand on it's own. However with God, there is total dependence and existence in him for the day a branch leaves a tree, it dies. It is written that he is the vine and any branch that intends to survive must abide in him- paraphrased.
4. God has a laboratory like Professor Wumbu. The laboratory of God is his presence. Here, men are made. Talk of Moses, Elijah, Abraham and men who have made exploits, there were never far from the presence of God. Outside here, no man is made.
For our God is a deep God, revealing deep mysteries. If God had created the heavens and the earth, howbeit that he understands nothing of Biology, one out of the diverse fields he created. He is wisdom personified and so, Culturing is the Lord's.

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